Art Exhibition – ‘Alchemy’

Alchemy Panel Image

5.30pm-7.30pm, Wednesday 17th January (Opening Function)

9.00am-4.00pm daily (phone first to avoid clashes)

Wednesday, 17th January through end March 2018

Venue:  New World Theatre Bar








by Lee Brogan


Limited Edition Archival Digital Prints,

Collage, Screenprint and Sculpture


“a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination”


This exhibition is a retrospective of work created in various media which reflect the idea of “alchemy”- where a base substance is transformed or combined to create something new. 


With collage works this is an obvious process as existing material from books, magazines, newspapers etc is used to create new often surreal imagery, unrelated to the original source. In a further transformation, the collages themselves are again transformed to screen print.


The making of glass itself is an alchemical process where sand is heated with oxides transforming the material to glass which is again transformed by the casting process into whatever the maker can imagine and create.


The large scale digital prints represent the transformation from one state to another and from one substance to another – but in this case the transformation is an illusion via abstraction.  Through altered and enhanced imagery we can slip sideways into a parallel universe, closely aligned to our own, but where the microcosm becomes the macrocosm and vice versa. We are never really sure what we are seeing so the imagination searches for meaning in the abstract. Macrocosm and microcosm refers to a vision of cosmos where the part (microcosm) reflects the whole (macrocosm) and vice versa. These works are deliberately ambiguous, water could be stone, stone could be water, ice, mist, ocean.


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Note:  An Opening Function will be held from 5.30pm-7.30pm on Wednesday, 17th February 2018 – ALL WELCOME


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