Dr Welby Ings

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6.30pm (doors open 5.45pm)

Wednesday, 18th October 2017

Venue:  John Dalton Theatre

Tickets:  $20.00 each.  (Registration essential)

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Productive Disobedience:  Why Creative Parents and Teachers Matter

A Presentation by Dr Welby Ings


This talk looks at unique teachers and students who think and learn in unusual ways. Drawing on his best-selling book Disobedient Teaching, Professor Welby Ings is critical of our education system’s obsession with marking performance. He will discuss how teachers and students can survive and influence an education system that does staggering damage to potential.

He argues that it is the humanity of teaching that makes schools effective, not the nation’s micromanaged, anxious, preoccupation with reporting and competition.

Professor Ings says that ‘disobedient teaching’ describes the creative power of teachers who change things for the better because they refuse to become passive. They take risks, they think … and act … and question because they understand what lies at the human heart of learning.

Welby Ings is a Professor in Design at Auckland University of Technology. He has taught at all levels of the New Zealand Education system. He is an elected fellow of the British Royal society of Arts and a consultant to many international organisations on issues of creativity and learning.

Welby is also an award winning academic, author, designer, and filmmaker. In 2001 he was awarded the Prime Minister’s inaugural Supreme Award for Tertiary Teaching Excellence and his new book ‘Disobedient Teaching’ has garnered critical acclaim both in New Zealand and internationally. But until the age of 15, Welby could neither read nor write. He was considered “slow” at school, and he was eventually expelled. He was later suspended from Teachers’ College. Welby is an outspoken critic of micro-managed approaches to education and policies that place assessment at the centre of learning and teaching. He argues for the transformative humanity of teachers and greater flexibility in what we recognise and reward as intelligence in schools.

Proceeds from this event will be donated to Kerikeri Kindergarten.


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