Inversion NZ Exhibition

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Saturday, 7th October 2017

Venue:  Downstairs








Inversion Teeter Table


Inversion NZ invite you to come along and experience how the Inversion Teeter Table works to relieve back, neck and muscle pain.  If you have resigned yourself to having back or neck pain for the rest of your life, then chances are you will be pleasantly surprised.


Inversion helps to:


* Relieve back pain

* Relieve neck pain

* Relieve muscle tension

* Stimulate blood and lymph flow

* Improve posture

* Increase flexibility

* Reduce the effects of ageing caused by gravity.


How the Inversion Teeter Table Works:-


Discs - It uses gravity to apply traction to gently open the discs and as they open up they create suction, this suction draws fluid from the surrounding tissue back into the discs, re-hydrating them.  This is the key!


Muscles - A lot of pain is muscular.  When muscles are stressed they become tight which restricts the flow of blood and lymph through the muscles so toxins build up (CO2 and Lactic Acid).  Traction opens up the muscles, rhythmic traction is a gentle rocking motion that stimulates circulation and encourages blood flow through the muscles, which clears the lactic acid into your lymph system.  Most people with serious neck issues see a large improvement after only one treatment.


Posture - Poor posture is one of the major causes of pain and is a major contributor to the deterioration of the body with age.  Trying to correct posute is extremely difficult due to muscle memory, as it constantly pulls the muscles back to where they were.  At a level of 40 degrees or more on the Teeter, the muscle groups open up and eventually come back into alignment.  Using the table daily, does not allow the muscle memory to pull them back out of alignment and slowly the muscles start to lose their memory and go with the flow, allowing the body to come back into correct posture.




“In 2008 I had been living with a serious lower back pain for many years due to two discs with serious degeneration and was scheduled for a double spinal fusion at a cost of $48,000.  The Specialist had recommended many lifestyle changes including changing my profession, which was not practical as I own my own business.


At the Waikato Home Show I experienced a demonstration on a Teeter Inversion Table by Dave and Nancy Hare.  To me the effect was amazing.  I actually experienced some serius relieve which lasted for an hour or two.  I was told that the relief would last longer with time as long as I used the table regularly, so with the surgery scheduled for 12 weeks time, having nothing to lose and a lot to gain, I purchased a Teeter.


Four years on I still use my table on a daily basis, my back is as strong as ever with very little or completely no pain, I am still at my same profession and working as hard as ever and most importantly I did not have the surgery.  I consider the purchase of my Teeter has been one of my greatest investments, not only has it enabled me to avoid serious and costly surgery, it has kept my in my profession and it has brought my health back.


Thank you very much for the opportunity.”  (Paul Gordon, Cambridge)




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