Jeanette Wilson – Psychic

Jeanette Wilson Panel Image


Wednesday, 18th April 2018

Venue:  Downstairs

Tickets:  $40.00 Adults; $30.00 Sen Citz  (R16)

Duration:  2.5 hours (Incl. interval)






From Bank Manager to Psychic Medium


As a bank manager working for Lloyds Bank in the UK Jeanette never imagined that one day she would be on stage passing on messages from loved ones who have departed their earthly bodies. 

Prior to Jeanette’s spiritual awakening at 31 Jeanette did not believe in ghosts nor the afterlife although she liked to believe that there would be something. 

Jeanette’s first spiritual encounter was with her late grandfather, a while later she met her grandmother, also in spiritworld and within hours she was then seeing spirits she did not know. Jeanette’s remarkable experiences are told in her first book Medium Rare. There have been three more books since then, a TV series DARE TO BELIEVE on TV3 & Spirit Medium Jeanette Wilson on SKY TV. 

Jeanette now mainly works as a healer & psychic surgeon from her home in Orewa. Jeanette’s appearance at the Turner Centre is a rare opportunity to see what Jeanette is best known for in her TV series – passing on messages from loved ones to show that we really do live on. It’s an inspiring and uplifting evening that you are likely to remember for a long time to come. 

Jeanette recommends to bring along a piece of jewellery belonging to you, or to a loved one in Spirit for the Psychometry part of the show.


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